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Hello and welcome. My name is Blenderhead and I'm an alcoholic. This is my diary. More accurately it’s a random collection of thoughts I've had or of stories I’ve heard in A.A. meetings all over the world. These stories - some comedy, some tragedy but always memorable - have kept me riveted for over 20 years, dying to find out “what happened next?” By sharing these thoughts and stories I remind myself of the collective  wisdom I have recieved over the years from other people in recovery. Wisdom that has saved my life. I will always protect the anonymity of my fellow members. All names have been changed and all stories recounted are done so with permission. 


Sometimes something a complete stranger once said in a meeting will come rushing back to me and save me from picking up a drink or drug that day.  Whether you’re new to recovery, sober for years or still out there struggling, maybe one of these stories can do the same for you. 

Some people hate labels like "alcoholic" or "addict" which is fine. No labels needed... ever. The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking or for N.A. membership a desire to stop using. 


In Alcoholics Anonymous I finally found what I was searching for. Relief from myself. I’ve discovered the joyous freedom of recovery from addiction. And I’ve made deep, lasting friendships with people who are my kind of crazy. People who are willing to lay it all out there. Painful, hilarious, tragic, or profound, their stories are what keep me coming back. So sit back and enjoy. Because really...who doesn't love a good story?




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